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An International Merchant - Distributor, Equipment Manufacturers' Channel Partner – Authorized Reseller of Drones, Machinery and a Digital Storefront for Tropical Products & Organic Foods based in Ontario, Canada

Tropical Products and Organic Foods

TeeKolia imports tropical food products, and specialty items. All imported item are sustainable from participating certified farms to supply and fulfill varying markets’ needs.

Drones, Equipment & Machinery

TeeKolia exports drones, automotive, as well as leases farming, and forestry equipment. We also sell steel, aluminum, (sheet, coil, bar and tube) for construction from Canada-USA to Africa and developing countries.


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We provide all the necessary support to the success of your activity. TeeKolia Import Export Inc. is a socially responsible sourcing and an eco-friendly company.

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TeeKolia is an international merchant, OEM Channel partner – distributor and a digital marketplace based in Ontario, Canada.

TeeKolia distributes and sells goods such as automotive equipments, surveying drones for mining, farming, and forestry, as well as steel, aluminum (sheet, coil, bar, and tube).

The company is also distinguished by its streamlined sales of sustainable African food and specialty products to supply varying north American markets’ needs.

We are a socially responsible source and an eco-friendly firm.


We care for all.

Years of Experience

TeeKolia is a dynamic team since 1998. We have acquired many years of experience in strategic sales, large volume licensing, in North America as well as internationally. TeeKolia has partnered with cutting-edge western manufacturers and farmers, to provide products and services in the industries of steel, aluminum, automotive equipment and crops.


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Our low costs allow our clients to be profitable with excellent returns.

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TeeKolia is committed to meeting your specific purchasing needs. We operate ethically and guarantee satisfactory results.

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